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Web 3.0 Fintech Solutions
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Online Betting Platform
Online payments for any business
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Buy, sell and trade digital currencies
Operating system for rigs and ASICs
Automatic service for price monitoring
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March 2022
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Something cool is coming...


Something cool is coming...

How we works

Our Principles
Our workflow
Our Principles


We thoroughly explore your business’ specifics to provide you with the best-fitting solutions.


Design is aesthetics combined with functionality. That is what our products have.


Our expertise is at your service. Experienced pros do all the best for you.


Good work begins with trust. We rely on our customers and expect them to trust us.


Each product you get from us is thoroughly tested using both desk research and UX-tests


We are fully involved in the process providing only workable solutions to our customers
Our Workflow
UX Research
Get the best UX-optimized product based on our UX research.
Audit & Consultancy
We evaluate all the bright and dark sides of your business to provide you with agile solutions in the field of design.
Customer journey map
A visual representation of the steps a potential customer takes to achieve a goal. These maps are useful as they illustrate different perspectives of customer interactions with a brand.
Design system or UI Kit
We use a systematic approach to unite single elements into an effective and aesthetic system you can be proud of. Your developers will be suprised how the design can be accurate.
Concept design
Each project has a unique concept, idea, message, which is conveyed by all design elements. The concept must meet the expert requirements, customer vision and user expectations.
Usability Testing
Testing the usability is what makes the product impeccable. We involve real users to inspect the usability.
Mobile app design
In creating our mobile applications, we adhere to the principle of doing the best to get the best. This means you may get an application that fully meets your ideas and expectations. Both native and cross-platform apps with thought-out designs are available for our customers.
Adaptive web app
With us, you will get a web application that will be correctly displayed on all types of devices. We offer the best practice for adaptive web app design to work for your purpose.


The trust begins with an acquaintance.

Hi, we are a group of enthusiasts who make design their main life idea. Performing creativity in the engineering process, we provide our customers with effective and aesthetic solutions. Besides, we offer our business analyses expertise to get the closest interaction with customers, understanding and evaluating their goals.

Stas Lavrik

Playing coach, design director

Dmitriy F.

Team Manager

Nikita D.

Dev Lead

Nazar Stodolya

Product designer

Nataliia L.

QA Lead

Kostya Petrusha

Product designer

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