Caer Sidi 2.0 - Phygital Service

Role UX/UI - Designer
Team Stas Lavrik, Dmitriy Kolesnyk, Vladimir Sedluho, Vlad Nazarkin
Company Paracosm.Project

Purpose of creation
Redesign of the old version of the site in order to increase conversion

— Figma, Jira, Adobe CC, UXPin, Plerdy, Hotjar
— UX Research, people analize, personas creating, user map, user story analize, interactive wireframes, low/high fidelity mockups, GA, Plerdy, Hotjar analytics

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Make it Phygital!

Сreate unique, individual user experience, and boosts marketing and sales with Caer Sidi solution for entertainment companies.

We help with the design and production of new unique branded merchandise. It’s also possible to integrate NFC tags into existing physical products.
Each copy of your product gets an individual interactive webpage to provide new value and fun for a customer. And vast marketing opportunities for a producer.
Customers can scan phygital products with their phones and start interacting with the digital twins: from getting bonuses and unlocking achievements to more complicated gamification.

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