Altar: War of Gods - Computer game

Role UX - Designer
Team Stas Lavrik, Dmitriy Kolesnyk, Olha Fedina
Company Wanted Games

Purpose of creation
Development of interactive prototypes for testing the product on users in order to further fully develop the game.

— Figma, Jira, Adobe CC, X-Mind
— UX Research, people analize, personas creating, user map, user story analize, interactive wireframes, low fidelity mockups

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The genre of collectible token games gives developers quite a freedom for creativity, for experiments with stories, art style, and game mechanics. One of the most prominent projects in this particular layer of the game culture is the upcoming CTG Altar: the War of Gods. It invites players to a fascinating and extravagant plot, gives amazingly beautiful and artistic visuals, involves in exciting board battles – in both the virtual and real worlds.

The story behind Altar: the War of Gods may seem fantastic, strictly imaginary. Mostly, that’s true – but still, there is a wise core in the events around token matches, something interesting to think about.

Powerful creatures, gods from various real-world mythologies feel a lack of humans’ faith. There are not so many people around the globe, who still believe in personalities from ancient legends. That faith is a kind of energy that keeps all those gods alive and supports their might. Getting more faith is the reason for the War of Gods to happen, so it takes place on the game board.

Matches of this game happen on a hexagon board with many small internal hexagons to place playing pieces on.

Three players participate in one battle. The initial step for each of them is a potential sacrifice – players put a token to the central area, an altar. A winner of this match will be able to take all the tokens from the altar or to craft with them a new one.

To play the match, players get from their collections three tokens each. One by one, participants make their turns, placing a token to the entry point. These tokens are various creatures with three different battle actions. Each token can make a specific number of steps on the game board.

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